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The AI-assisted calendar that helps you organize, schedule, and protect your day.
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Time is the most important thing you have, because it’s the only thing you can’t buy more of.

But your old calendar isn’t helping. It makes it too easy for time to be lost, misspent, or stolen.

Mayday is a new kind of calendar that uses AI to help you organize, protect, and manage your schedule so you can spend time in more meaningful ways.

It’s Time To Thrive

Always learning what times are ideal for you

The more you use Mayday, the smarter it gets. Mayday evaluates your scheduling preferences and patterns to find the Ideal Times for everything you schedule.

Personalized recommendations for the way you work

Optimize for


Open up your schedule to easily find availability with others.
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Protect your schedule for heads down focus and avoid distractions.
Optimize for


Create space for both collaboration and solo work as required.

Better Together

Forget about managing different time zones, conflicting priorities, and undocumented routines. Mayday manages the complexity of scheduling with others, so you don’t have to.

Mayday’s AI algorithms can automatically suggest the best times to schedule meetings based on your team’s True Availability. As more team members use Mayday, scheduling becomes smarter and more helpful, taking into account everyone’s schedules and preferences.

Auto-Scheduled Tasks that make time for you

Ensure that you always have space to get things done and let Mayday automatically schedule and manage your tasks directly in your calendar. Take the guesswork out of time management and focus on what matters most.

Protect your time so you’re never overbooked

Mayday intelligently analyzes your calendar and allocates protective time blocks as you need them to create space other tasks and personal well-being. Experience greater control over your day and safeguard your schedule from becoming overrun with meetings.

Features to help you work smarter

AI Assistant

Your calendar is now your personal assistant. Let Mayday keep you informed on items in your schedule that require your attention so you can focus on what you do best.

Speak Naturally

Easily create new events by typing in natural language. Mayday can understand and process your keywords in order to help you schedule events as quickly as possible.

FYI Events

Just because you need to know about what's going on, doesn't mean that you need to be involved. Use FYI to visually minimize events and declutter your timeline.

Time Windows

Define your default availability for different types of events. Depending on what you’re trying to schedule, Mayday will always try to prioritize your unique availability.

Smart Tags

Create Smart Tags to help keep your calendar organized. Categorize your events with Smart Tags and Mayday can apply powerful automations for different types of events.


With Mayday widgets for iOS, iPad, and Mac, you can see what’s coming up next in your schedule, view a month view at a glance, and directly join upcoming meetings.

Calendar Sync

Synced events help you ensure your availability is properly reflected on all relevant calendars by creating private, mirrored placeholder events across multiple calendars.

Buffer Time

Buffer time creates placeholder events before and after an event to help you prepare, debrief or take a breather from too many back to back meetings.

Menu Bar

Gain instant access to your upcoming meetings. Designed for efficiency, it offers quick shortcuts to join your next meeting, keeping you on track and always in the know.

Smart Travel Time

Mayday intelligently schedules events in your calendar to account for the time required to reach your meetings. Say goodbye to rushing, and confidently protect your commuting time.

Bringing all of your calendars into one place

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Microsoft 365
Apple iCloud