The world doesn't need just another calendar.

That's not why we're here. We're here because the world's relationship with time is broken.

Time is our most precious resource, but it's finite and fleeting and we've lost our ability to manage it.

We've reached a point where the demands on our time are enormous.

The more interconnected we've become, the more the needs from others compete with our own individual goals and aspirations.

Many of us aren't living the lives we hoped we'd be living, and we're burning each other out in the process.

Just another calendar can't fix this problem.

A faster, prettier, reorganized way of managing these same tensions isn't going to make us feel more productive, more calm, more happy.

Without realizing it, we've devalued time. For too long it's been too easy to spend not only our own time, but the time of others.

There's a lack of empathy in the ways we're expected to work together, and there's a fundamental misalignment in individual priorities that is limiting our overall productivity.

At Mayday, our mission is to coordinate the world’s time, by reimagining the calendar as a helpful assistant.

We're building empathetic productivity software that understands the unique demands on our own time, and the time of others.

Time is our most valuable asset, but for too long it's been easily lost, stolen, and misspent.

Our goal is to fix that.