June 12, 2023

Introducing AI-Scheduled Tasks

Jeremy Bell
Jeremy Bell
Founder & CEO

Many of us have experienced the frustration of a week full of meetings. However, this frustration doesn't necessarily stem from a dislike of meetings, or the people attending them. Instead, it's because those meetings can prevent us from completing other important tasks.

The earliest versions of Mayday included Calendar Shield, a feature that automatically blocks your calendar when you are overbooked with meetings. However, this can be a very blunt solution to an often nuanced problem, as you don’t always want to block your entire day when you might only need a few hours to focus on a singular task.

With each new release, we’ve been working to make Mayday smarter and more helpful. And today, we're excited to take another step with the release of AI-Scheduled Tasks.

With AI-Schedule Tasks, simply add your todo’s, and Mayday will take care of the rest. Using our Ideal Time Scheduling Engine, Mayday leverages its understanding of your working style to suggest the optimal time to focus on that task, automatically blocking out a slot in your calendar.

This is the first version of AI-Scheduled Tasks, and while we're excited about its potential, we're already looking ahead. We're working on enhancements, including auto-rescheduling and a natural language interface for faster task creation. We're also exploring integrations with other task management tools, with Apple Reminders as our first targeted integration.

We're building Mayday with a clear understanding that tasks are a crucial part of your daily routine and an essential component for achieving harmony between your schedule and priorities.

Download the public beta, now with AI-Scheduled Tasks. And then head over to Inside Mayday to let us know what you think.