March 7, 2022

Mayday Raises $3M to help everyone achieve Schedule/Priority Fit

Jeremy Bell
Jeremy Bell
Founder & CEO

We are excited to announce that Mayday has raised a USD $3 million seed round led by 8VC with additional participation by Shasta Ventures, ff Venture Capital, Colle Capital, and others to grow our team and accelerate development towards achieving our mission of coordinating the world’s time.

The Future of Work Needs Prioritization

The shift to remote & hybrid workplaces has dramatically changed how we spend our time. The idea of “work hours” has become blurry, with personal and work tasks demanding our attention throughout the day.

Our daily lives have become a balancing act between what’s supposed to be important and what actually is, clashing with the reality that we can’t do it all. Too many meetings. Too many distractions. Not enough time to get things done.

We need a new kind of calendar that helps us and the people we work with achieve Schedule / Priority Fit.

An Engine For Achieving Schedule/Priority Fit

Modern calendars weren’t designed for the modern workplace. As a result, we waste a lot of time context-shifting, planning, and managing our time.

Mayday is building the world’s first truly smart calendar that learns what’s essential and plans your schedule accordingly. To accomplish this, we created the first “Priority Engine” that analyzes your calendar patterns to determine what’s important, enabling it to effectively allocate available time to support your priorities.

And when it’s time to meet with coworkers, Mayday automatically determines the ideal time that works for everyone by considering hundreds of signals from everyone’s calendar and work preferences.

Native Apps For All Your devices

As our suite of APIs progresses, Mayday will be able to make more informed scheduling decisions about your entire teams’ calendar. However, as we use our calendars daily, having a fast and easy-to-use user interface is just as important.

That is why we’ve built beautiful native apps available on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS (with Android and Windows versions on the way) that are both fast and easy to use.

Our native apps also include intelligent scheduling links, which utilize Mayday’s advanced understanding of your schedule and priorities. So you may make yourself available to meet with others without sharing your entire schedule or overcommitting yourself.

Coordinating The World’s Time

Success at work, the strength of our relationships, and our health are tremendously affected by how we choose to spend our time every day. And we’ve completely lost our ability to manage it.

Time is our most valuable asset, but it’s been too easily lost, stolen, and misspent for too long.

To truly align people and their time, we need a smarter calendar that helps you live the life you want to live. That’s why we built Mayday — At Mayday, our mission is to coordinate the world’s time, so we can all achieve Schedule / Priority Fit.

Investors in this round include Alex Kolicich and Jack Moshkovich from 8VC. Nitin Chopra, Jacob Mullins, and Joe Cashion from Shasta Ventures. John Frankel and Eric Shu from ffVC. Victoria Grace and Doug Benowitz from Colle Capital. Alex Norman from N49P. Prashant Matta from Panache Ventures. Adam McNamara from Ramen Ventures. Christopher Golda and Bradford Cross from Rogue Capital. Brice Scheschuk from Globalive. Plus, angel investors Adam Flynn, Rahul Kulkarni, John Maier, Haroon Mirza, John Laban, and Luke Vigeant.