August 13, 2023

Outlook into the Fold: Everything Time-Related in One Place

Jeremy Bell
Jeremy Bell
Founder & CEO

With Mayday, you no longer have to jump between Google and Outlook to manage your schedules. Personal events and work commitments now reside side by side, in one seamless view.

Connect your Microsoft 365 account, and your Outlook schedule becomes part of the Mayday ecosystem. Managing your tasks, appointments, and priorities is now a one-app affair, with full support across Mac, iPhone and iPad.

All of your favourite Mayday features? They're here for your Outlook schedule too. Use Calendar Shield to protect those vital hours. Sync events between Google and Outlook like they're old friends. Automatically add that much-needed buffer time before and after events. Mayday isn't just integrating Outlook; it's embracing it and enhancing it.

A Single Destination for Time Management

Our goal is to make Mayday the single destination to manage everything time-related in your day. It's not just about calendars and schedules; it's about your life and how you live it. With the integration of Outlook, we're one step closer to that vision.

Ready to see how Outlook and Mayday become one? Download the public beta, and then head over to Inside Mayday and share your thoughts. We're excited, we're listening, and we're ready to make Mayday even better with you.